1094. Living Wave

Surging body
masses...it's our turn
to stand up.


Masago said...

1094. Living Wave

Surging body
masses...it's our turn
to stand up.

Link with 1093: Rising wave.

[At sporting events we have what's called "The Wave". I'd heard about it and had seen it on TV. A number of years ago I had a chance to experience it at a hockey game. It was cool to be a part of a living wave.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

When I was in the collage band 20 years ago, we saw them every weekend.

Pamela said...

first done at University of Washington football game -- back in late sixties early seventies.
sure has "waved" around the world. Yes?

John McDonald said...


polona said...

well, the university of washington wave occurred in 1981 (source: wikipedia) but that doesn't really matter. it has sure spread all over the world

floots said...

it's a wonderful effect - but too many people for me :)

Alok said...

Yes! I can feel the mexican waves that I have been part of in a cricket match at Eden Gardens ...

amazingly put into words

Masago said...

Andrew: ...but I bet you guys were too busy playing to take part.

Pamela: For sure...the crazy things Americans come up with. :-)

John: Thanks.

Floots: Ah, your personality slowly revealed, haiku by haiku. :-)

Alok: Cricket! Love that too. My wife is from Trinidad and it is a big thing down there. P.S. Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.