1089. Imitating Life

A dragonfly
on the grass...so still
as if not dead.


Masago said...

1089. Imitating Life

A dragonfly
on the grass...so still
as if not dead.

Link with 1088: Not dead / Dead.

[I saw this on a walk we took recently around the neighbourhood. A dragonfly was on the grass right near the sidewalk. I was surprised that it didn't move as I got closer to it. In fact, it didn't even flinch when I picked it up! Of course, it was dead but in its death it came close to imitating life.]

floots said...

fascinating observational twist
thank you

Borut said...

No fooling around with death!:) A powerful one. I wish I was there!:) Still life, at it's best!:)

John McDonald said...

enjoyed this

Pat Paulk said...

It wasn't dead, just left its earthly means of getting around, unattended.

haiku-shelf said...

i`m impressed by this haiku!

you catched this very moment in way that touches my heart

best wishes,

polona said...

ohhh... love this one

Masago said...

Floots: Thank you.

Borut: Thanks. Perhaps I should have kept it as a souvenir.

John: Thank you.

Pat: Ah, now that is a cool perspective. Thank you, my friend.

Angelika: Thank you for these kind words!

Polona: Thank you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love this!!!

Borut said...

There's a beautiful story of a young boy who used to collect dead butterflies... after his sudden and premature death, he was allowed to go back to his previous life and bring back to the angel at the Gates of the Heavenly realm something that represented his previous life...
He brought back the most beautiful specimen from his collection..., and the doors of heaven immediately opened... The other two guys in the story were not so lucky...

Masago said...

Andrew: Thanks!

Borut: Interesting story. Did the other boys collect live butterflies?

Borut said...

One was a rich man and the other a poor man.