Rengay Through the Seasons #44 [1]

by hortensia anderson (ha), and Vaughn Seward (vs);
Rengay #44 (Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2008) Verse 1 (of 6):

At the pond — we splash sun all over / each other. /ha

This rengai was written with hortensia anderson who lives in the east village in nyc, usa. She took workshops at ABC NO RIO with Dorothy Friedman August and with many poets at the St. Mark's Poetry Project including Bernadette Mayer, Maureen Owen, and Allen Ginsberg.

She loves haibun, edits the haibun column for "moonset, the newspaper", and maintains a blog with monthly entries:

The Plenitude of Emptiness:

She derives the most satisfaction from collaborations.

the timelessness
of cyberspace -
we birth a poem

Hortensia and I have collaborated on numerous poetic projects and she was one of the first who supported the idea of undertaking this "Rengay Through the Seasons project".

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Janice Thomson said...

What a delightful start - I love this one!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good beginning!

Borut said...

Sounds like some kind of an esoterical 'sun exercise'... I've read about many, but never came across this one...!?:)Giving the best of the best to the best!?:)

John McDonald said...

yesterrific start

polona said...

how perfect for a hot summer day :)

Masago said...

Thank you all on behalf of Hortensia.

Borut: I don't think it is too esoterical. :-)