Rengay Through the Seasons #24 Summary

by Masago: Rengay #24 (Feb 10-16, 2008) Summary

Gathered Around

Chilly day —
pigeons huddle around
a chimney top.

A warm, queen-size bed —
so easy to hit the snooze.

Russian circus —
the lion-tamer almost
loses his head.

I open a can
of soup for supper — the cat
comes running.

A candle-light dinner —
"we're meant for each other."

We gather around
to look through the telescope —
lunar eclipse.

The central theme in this rengay is "Attractions", namely: Warm air, Warm bed, Circus, Food, Romance, and Astronomical event (and Gravity).

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you covered them all!

John McDonald said...

great one again

Borut said...

I like the ending: the love of thing created leading us beyond form - into the realm of emptiness...!?:)

polona said...

well done again!
oh well... circus has never been attractive to me for some reason...

Masago said...

Andrew: :-) Thanks.

John: Thanks.

Borut: Ah, yes, but is it really empty? :-)

Polona: Thank you. I've only been to a circus once and I was very little.

Pat Paulk said...

I knew I was attracted to something here. Keep 'em coming!!

Masago said...

Pat: :-) Thank you!

Pamela said...

My favorite was the lion tamer

Masago said...

Pamela: Thanks!

jem said...

I've had an especially busy week and have got behind with my reading and commenting.

Good to see how this series ended. The final one is great - the sense of closeness of the viewers versus the distance of the universe.