Renhai Reflections 67: Upon a Log

Upon a Log

Upon a log there sat a frog
All day without a bite;
A fly came by to ask for pie,
"A piece," said Frog, "you might."

Now this dessert was made of dirt
And offered with some tea;
But when the fly perched on that pie,
Frog's tongue flicked out with glee.

Upon his face a smile did place
From ear to ear, until
A heron bird, from what I've heard,
Soon caught him in his bill.

[I recently joined a children's poetry newsgroup and tried my hand at writing a children's poem. This is my first result. Thanks to Zhanna P. Rader for inspiration and help with the metre and other technical matters.]


Devika said...

Yeah, a good children's poem, Masago..

I too write small rhymes for children when I teach them. Children in my society here.


Bill said...

Keep this up, and I'll regress all the way back. Well done.

John McDonald said...

yes very well done

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Ha! I like it! This would be good at my school. :)

Pamela said...

bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha.
Oh this was just a delight!
made my day.

polona said...

ha, this is lovely!

Janice Thomson said...

I love this Vaughn! Hope we get to see more of these.

Masago said...

Thank you all!

Andrew: You have my okay to read it to them, if you wish. :-)

P.S. I am working on Bat poem, hopefully it might see the light of day.

jem said...

This was unexpected and fun to find.

I love that rhythm, very comforting, and pure childhood.

The ending is fantastic. Children often seem to thrive at the little tragedies that make the rest of us sigh.