Renhai Reflections 70: The Art of Painting

[Here is a solo Renhai that Janice wrote a few days ago. It was inspired by a Renhai that we were working on together (to be posted in a few days). Thank you Janice for contributing to our Renhai Reflections project.]

The Art of Painting
A Renhai by Janice Thomson (Solo)

Part of a tail
tints the drawing table —
painting ravens.

The twelve shades of black ink —
my brush finds the coffee cup.

Multiple strokes —
in the mirror, my face
a painting too.

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Devika said...

That was too interesting, Masago

and a lovely shift of theme :)


Pamela said...

I put my watercolor brush in my tea the other night.

ha ha

Margie said...

Janice is one talented artist & writer.
She has been telling me about your working together and to come and visit...so, here I am.

Good work, Janice!
This is excellent!

I shall look forward to the Renhai you are working on with Janice to be posted soon.

Take care.


get zapped said...

I really like this series. So full of wonderful imagery.

Devika said...

Came for a new one, Masago

Hope all fine there,
come gain later :)


Janice Thomson said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Pat Paulk said...

Love it!!

Janice Thomson said...

Good to see you Pat. My thanks!

Janice Thomson said...

Thanks to Vaughn also for allowing me to post this here.

jem said...

I've fallen behind with my blog reading and commenting. Good to be back here catching up. Apologies if less comments than usual.

This is great - a real eye to the details of painting. I've been trying to learn to draw recently, and it really does focus your vision in a new way. I especially like part 1.

Janice Thomson said...

Gem - thank you for your wonderful words :)