Renhai Reflections 77: Being Myself

Being Myself

I always like to go outside
When darkness fills the skies.
In flight, my ears are open wide,
And not my beady eyes.

I do not care for fancy snacks,
I'd sooner munch on flies.
And beetles found in nooks and cracks
Are quite a yummy prize.

When sun comes up I find the caves
To snooze the day away -
No time to catch more echo waves
For finding other prey.

While hanging upside-down to rest
From any rocky shelf,
I know I'll do my very best
To be... well, just myself.

[Here is a "who am I?" type children's rhyme I recently wrote, again with much help from Zhanna.]


Devika said...

Enjoyed, Masago :)

"I always like to go outside
When darkness fills the skies."

I wish I could do that as freely as a man--
In India its not so easy or good for women :)


John McDonald said...

yes I also enjoyed

polona said...

well, you've done justice to the critters :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm going to show this to some of our teachers. They should use it. Wonderful work!

Borut said...

A wonderful flight of poetic imagination. And pretty philosophical too. Reminds me of Plato’s idea of man as a cave-dweller living in the shadowy world of relative truths. To cut a long story short, though, an Eastern saying might do: ‘Bats come out at night’!:)

Masago said...

Thank you all!

Devika: :-) The advantages of being a bat.

Andrew: I'd be interested to hear how he/she would use it and the result. Thanks.

Borut: Right, as do men & women of the night set. :-)

Bill said...

Delightful, Vaughn, with a real childlike spirit.

Janice Thomson said...

Wonderful Vaughn! Children would love this.

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