Renhai Reflections 79: Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

A Renhai by Zhanna P. Rader (zh.r) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

A groundhog
emerges from its den —
last-year's yellow grass. /zh.r

Drips from melting snow — /vs
camellia buds plump out. /zh.r

A foot comes free
but the rubber stays stuck —
mud patch. /vs

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[Here as another from last year; this one from around the time of groundhog day.]


Devika said...

Nice series, Masago and Zhanna

I love the second, just seen the picture of Camellia flower (not common here)


Pamela said...

One of the first times I realized that hummingbirds wintered over in western Oregon -- was when my daughter pointed out a hummingbird on a camellia in Portland, OR -- in February, in a protected area by a fast food restaurant.

That's what I saw with the second.

John McDonald said...

another goodie

jem said...

I like the contrasts of moving and still. The last one made me smile. But the middle one is my favourite - so gently but strong, the image of the snow somehow feeding the camellia, passing and growth. Lovely.

Bill said...

Good one. I'm reminded of my

early thaw . . .
the earth tugging
at my footsteps

from an old Shiki Kukai.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

works just as good this year as last year. :)

Borut said...

Goning step by step,
Even if you watch your step,
You may end in mud.

polona said...

and did the groundhog see its shadow? ;)

this sounds so right for the season, and well done both!

Janice Thomson said...

Yes well done! I really enjoyed this.

get zapped said...

hints to early spring, so lovely.

Masago said...

Thank you all on behalf of Zhanna and me!

Anonymous said...

This is Zhanna. :) Thank you for your nice comments, everyone.
Bill, I remember your haiku very well. I voted for it. :)

Zhanna P. Rader

Devika said...

came for a new one, Masago..

come again later :)


Devika said...

came again :)

Masago, hope all is fine there :)


Masago said...

Devika, thanks for hanging in there. I'm doing okay (was off sick with a head-cold recently though). I hope you enjoy today's post.

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