Renhai Reflections 92: A Warm Reception

A Warm Reception

A Renhai by Zhanna P. Rader (zh.r) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

A slow descent
on a frosty afternoon —
my star-like glitter. /zh.r

All around, others like me... /vs
still uniquely different. /zh.r

Soft landing
on a child's smiling face —
very, very warm. /vs

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bandit said...

a snowflake
unlike any other
we think alike

Devika said...

I loved this, Masago and Zhanna

especially "all around, others like me" --


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

yes, very warm. :)

borut said...


John McDonald said...

excellent one

Dalloway said...


RBroeker said...

"Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen" the children sing in Germany: little snowflakes, little white skirts ... And even in these early spring-days kids hope that they stay when they come ... Magical verse!

Best wishes

Pamela said...

you make it seem so beautiful-- I'm feeling guilty for growling yesterday morning when the world was white AGAIN.

Gillena Cox said...

lovely images

much love

Masago said...

Thank you all!

Janice Thomson said...

What delightful images this gives...I think back to winter's first soft snowfall...
Excellent write.

Bill said...

A very nice landing. And the thought that the snowflake takes pleasure in community and individual identity is deeply imaginative. Well done, both of you.

Pat Paulk said...

Why do I feeel the beauty of snowflakes. Love this.

susane said...

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