Renhai Reflections 165: A Renhai, Step by Step: Another verse

A Renhai, Step by Step: Another verse

by Vaughn Seward (Solo)

A snow storm's
layer of white velvet —
creek bed.

Possible links:
-Snow, storm, whiteness.
-Layering, flatness.
-Velvet, type of fabric.
-Body of water, aquatic (frozen).
-Channel, line.
-Bed, peacefulness.

From this list I am impressed by the idea of the snow storm and the frozen creek lying silently, perhaps not so warmly, under the pure untouched, newly fallen blanket of snow. In a flash of inspiration this verse emerges:

Howling north wind —
I snuggle a bit deeper
under the sheets.

The links are therefore:
-Covered, sheltered.
-Snow storm / North wind.
-Cloth, material (Velvet / Sheets).

Now, on to the middle lines...


Devika said...

oh lo...."in a flash of inspiration" -- thats it! but very interesting progression, Masago :)


Kristin Riggs said...

I love this!!! Snuggling deeper in the sheets...that is SO me on these cold winter mornings...every morning! :)

John McDonald said...

yes enjoying this

RBroeker said...

I am allowed to follow your work flow. Great to see someone else living poetry!

Best wishes

Masago said...

Again, thank you all for coming along for this "ride".

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