Renhai Reflections 168: A Renhai, Step by Step: Title

A Renhai, Step by Step: Title

by Vaughn Seward (Solo)

A snow storm's
layer of white velvet —
creek bed.

A small break in the clouds —
wolves bay at a full moon.

Howling north wind —
I snuggle a bit deeper
under the sheets.

From the beginning, with one or two exceptions, we have always added titles to our renhai. It is usually something that adds a little hint about the theme or sub-theme or suggests some extra little angle in the reading. When collaborating there is commonly some brainstorming and then the best title is agreed upon by consensus.

Here are some thoughts I have:

-Wisps of Crisp Air
-Wisps of Crispness
-Crisp Wisps
-Between Layers
-Under Layers
-Cracked Open
-Frigid Reposing

Perhaps you have some preferences or other ideas. Tomorrow we'll choose something and complete this renhai!


Devika said...

Now since I know the process and the way it progressed....my choice is

"Between the layers" -- and thats the way I read poems in general as well :)


Bill said...

I might go with a one-worder: "layers."

susane said...

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