1009. On Your Side

Used car seller:
"Let me take this deal
to the Manager."


Masago said...

1009. On Your Side

Used car seller:
"Let me take this deal
to the Manager."

Link with 1008: Previously owned.

[My first car was a 1972 Toyota Corolla. Fortunately I had an experienced friend with me and he helped me haggle the price down a bit via this age-old buyer-salesman-manager process.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

makes me think of my first car -- a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass. :)

floots said...

it's an old trick but they're still using it
(made me think of the double-glazing guy who came here) :)

Pat Paulk said...

Ain't it a joke. Most go in to buy a car, but hate to because of idiots you have to deal with.

Pamela said...

bwaaaa ha ha ha haahaa.
my 'bestest" laugh of the morning.
from sad experience.

(sorry if you didn't mean it to be funny)

david santos said...

Used car bad!
Thanks for you work, Masago.Have a good week

polona said...

never had a second hand car...

and as to your question - yes, i've lived all my life in flats.

Masago said...

Andrew: Cool, a little fancy (and faster) than my first. :-)

Floots: World over, eh? :-)

Pat: Yes, I hate it too. Toyota here though has some new policy where the price is advertised and is the same at all dealers. I think their goal is to remove this stigma. That is at least how it was here in Canada (or at least Alberta a few years ago...we haven't been in the car-buying mode lately).

Pamela: No, it was meant to by funny and serious at the same time. Glad you got a kick out of it. :-)

Thank you David, have a good week (and watch out for used car salesmen) :-)

Polona: ...you always bought new cars then?

Thank you all for the positive feedback...after posting I had thought this one might have been a little dull and too obvious.

polona said...

as the matter of fact, yes :)
(the first one was a Renault 4)