1018. Suddenly

Tiny green
buds...first walk
without a coat.


Masago said...

1018. Suddenly

Tiny green
buds...first walk
without a coat.

Link with 1017: Small movement.

[Not too long ago it seemed like our first chance to take a walk outside without needing to wear a coat and it corresponded with noticing for the first time the little green sprigs that were appearing on all the trees and shrubs.]

aurora said...

I like this one. :)

I remember how much fun recess used to be in the spring when we first lost those heavy coats.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

The first??? I don't think I could make it up there -- we've been without coats for a couple of months!

Pamela said...

you guys are tough cold northerners

Borut said...

This has been one of the warmest Aprils ever. They say in Germany, up north, the warmest in 200 hundred years. Same planet...!?:) May your spring grow...!:)

floots said...

nice train of thought

John McDonald said...

lovely thought

Pat Paulk said...

Really?? I've been thinking about losing the shirt!!

polona said...

can't imagine wearing a coat now...
nice observation :)

Masago said...

Aurora: Thanks. Recess, Spring, no coats, such euphoric thoughts!

Andrew: I wonder if we'd be able make it down there. :-)

Pamela: :-)

Borut: "Same planet?" indeed!

Floots: Thanks.

John: Thank you.

Pat: I wrote this a week or two ago. Since then it has warmed up a bit but I'm not sure I'd go outside without a shirt. :-)

Polona: Thanks!