1026. Uncivil Welcome

Falcon's return...
a female rival occupies
the old nest.


Masago said...

1026. Uncivil Welcome

Falcon's return...
a female rival occupies
the old nest.

Link with 1025: Return.

[This happened in the Spring of 2007 at the University of Alberta. The biologists had tracked a female perigon falcon all the way to Central America on its wintering flight. When she got back this spring another female had gotten there first and had taken over the nest and her mate. An all out fight ensued and the two took flight to a nearby backyard. After a couple of similar tussles over the course of a day or two the returning female flew off, apparently to find another mate. Ironically, this falcon did the same thing to an incumbent female the previous year.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


floots said...

amazing how you have condensed so much info into this
(and that was before i read your note)

John McDonald said...

amazing nature

Pat Paulk said...

I bet the male would'nt have minded sharing. Maybe that's just me.

Dana-Maria Onica said...

...well, the females' rivalry? Nothing new under the sun :)))

polona said...

fighting females, eh?
oh well... plus ca change... :)

love the haiku, though

Masago said...

Andrew: Thanks.

Floots: :-) Thank you.

John: Thanks.

Pat: :-) Rascal!

Dana-Maria: Ah, yes.

Polona: It's pervasive. Thanks.

Borut said...

Yes, as Floots says, how amazingly condensed.What a story!

Pamela said...

The male House Sparrow was lured away last year from feeding his babies by another female -- leaving his mate to care for the three babies. She worked her tail off>

This year we have another pair, and the papa has stayed close to help rear the chicks.

Masago said...

Borut: Thank you.

Pamela: It's amazing, eh? What makes them little critters tick?