1014. Message Relay

Our yelps echo
long after we're gone...
mocking bird.


Masago said...

1014. Message Relay

Our yelps echo
long after we're gone...
mocking bird.

Link with 1013: Voice.

[Many years ago our family and my Uncle's family went on a twelve-mile hike together at Waterton National Park. In those days my cousin and I had developed a distinctive yelping kind shout that we'd use when we wanted to locate each other in the woods. At the beginning of the hike we practiced our yelp to one other. My father and sister had stayed back at the starting point of the hike as my sister had a sore foot and couldn't walk too far. They told us later that after quite some time of hearing our yelping that they began to wonder why my cousin and I were still within earshot. When they further investigated things they discovered that a mocking bird had taken up calling out our emergency signal.]

aurora said...

I see this as a one-liner almost:

long after we're gone....mockingbird

Enjoyed the story, Vaughn.

Dana-Maria Onica said...

Nice story :). The poem is powerful in itself, without the explanations.

In Romania we don't have mocking birds. I'm curious to hear them.

Thank you for sharing, Vaughn.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

12 mile hike!!! I don't even like to walk to the bathroom. :)

floots said...

great on its own and with the explanation
only problem is i'm gonna be singing the song all day
"everybody have you heard .....) etc
i think it was charlie and inez fox

John McDonald said...

most interesting

Pat Paulk said...

Would've made for a bad day if you needed to find skin at the other end of that yelp and found feathers.

polona said...

not the most reliable way of communication, it seems.
love it!

Masago said...

Aurora: Thanks, I like your one liner.

Dana-Maria: Thanks. I recently saw a video of a type of bird like this that can even mimic a chain saw or the sound of car passing by.

Andrew: LOL!

Floots: Thanks (sorry about that). :-)

John: Thanks.

Pat: Right, how easily deceived...

Polona: No, not so reliable. Thanks.