1032. Pilot Error

No wings:
my model helicopter
takes a dive.


Masago said...

1032. Pilot Error

No wings:
my model helicopter
takes a dive.

Link with 1031: Wings.

[A few months ago I bought a radio-controlled helicopter and enjoyed flying it around the living room. However, not long after I got it, I was flying it one evening and it got a little too close to the furniture. Unfortunately I wasn't able to pull it back in time and the plastic propellers came down on the wooden edge of a chair. Needless to say it was back to the store the next day for some new propellers.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

At least there weren't people on it. :)

Dana-Maria Onica said...

I'm really happy, dear Vaughn, for the child inside your soul. To preserve the ludic spirit is a great quality!

Pamela said...

oh fun... except the dive part!

John McDonald said...

keep that spirit

floots said...

made me smile
i love model planes
never tried a copter
when i had radio controlled gliders i could never remember that when they flew towards me left became right
(i left bits of broken plane everywhere) :)

Bill said...

traffic jam
a helicopter

Masago said...

Andrew: For sure. :-)

Dana-Maria: Can Dana-Maria come you to play with us? Thanks. :-)

Pamela: My feelings exactly. I actually broke them a second time. :-(

John: Will do.

Floots: Yes, maybe that is what is contributing to my error. Thanks.

Bill: Sometimes I feel like hopping in a helicopter when the traffic jams. :-)

polona said...

how big is your room if you can fly a model inside?

btw, thanks for the eagle pic :)

Masago said...

Polona: Not that big, that might be part of the problem. ;-) P.S. Glad you enjoyed the Eagle pic.