1016. Crystal Clear

Rocket radio —
I tune in to hear
the top ten.


Masago said...

1016. Crystal Clear

Rocket radio -
I tune in to hear
the top ten.

Link with 1015: Waves.

[In the late 1950's and early 1960's, before the era of transistors and later Walkmans and ipods, you could buy little radio sets that were in the shape of a rocket. You would twist the body of the rocket to tune in different stations. As it was a crystal radio it didn't need batteries and the volume was, of course, limited. The top ten reference is that back then local radio stations would announce and play the top ten pop hit songs of the week.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've always loved radios! When I was a kid I had one with a crystal that my dad gave to me. Who knows what happened to it....

gautami tripathy said...

I still listen to radio.

Pamela said...

I remember my brothers building crystal sets

John McDonald said...

remember well

Pat Paulk said...

Blast off!!

polona said...

this brings back nice memories!
i don't remember seeing these rockets, though (probably never imported them)

Bill said...

I'm remembering Your Hit Parade--on radio!

Masago said...

Andrew: Wouldn't it be cool to be able get our hands on the actual ones we had?

Gautami: Yes, I too (at least when I'm driving). :-)

Pamela: Yes, I made one of those too (i.e. from scratch, and not the rocket radio kit).

John: Cheers.

Pat: Roger, throttle up!

Polona: I think they were made in Japan.

Bill: Thanks. :-)

floots said...

takes me back
(a journey i'm always glad to make) :)

Masago said...

Floots: Welcome aboard, Cap'n! :-)