1106. Too Soon Gone

Lone spruce —
charred from the middle
right to the top.


Masago said...

1106. Too Soon Gone

Lone spruce -
charred from the middle
right to the top.

Link with 1105: Alone.

[We took a walk recently along the bank of a ravine near our home. In a slight clearing we came upon a tall fifty year-old spruce. I was shocked to discover that it was completely charred from about half-way up all the way up to its very top. It had obviously been struck by lightning within the last few months. The City had spray-painted on its truck a large red band. No doubt it will be gone the next time we go for a walk in that area.]

Pamela said...

have seen many trees along the mountain trails like that. I always wonder where I would run should a thunder storm catch us there. no charring for me, thank you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like the sadness this one gives.

Borut said...

Sad, but says something about attention attracting as well.

John McDonald said...

like it

polona said...

the word 'lone' adds to poignancy...
good one!

Masago said...

Pamela: Yeah, I'm not sure the best place to go. For sure don't talk on your cell phone or listen to your iPod. :-)

Andrew: It was indeed sad for me.

Borut: Yes, there is a lesson there.

John: Thanks.

Polona: Thank you.

Pat Paulk said...

Lightning shows no partiality, it'll even strike twice.

Alok said...

dont know why long spruce suddenly brought a sadness

well i see pain inhere ... dont knw whtr u intended it tht way (i know u used shocked but...)


Masago said...

Alok: I didn't really have an intention per se. This actually happened and so I was simply expressing that moment I had.