1110. Still on Board

Lake raft —
I drift off, still on
my sea legs.

[This is the final haiku in the "Linked Year" project. We are in the process of compiling these haiku into a book we plan on publishing in the near future.]


Masago said...

1110. Still on Board

Lake raft -
I drift off, still on
my sea legs.

Link with 1109: Wooden.

[One summer as a lad we spent a number of days at a lakeside campground. My cousin and I rigged together a makeshift raft and were on it from sunup to sundown. On the second night of this I recall falling asleep with the persistent feeling that I was still on board that raft, rocking back and forth in the waves.]

This is the final verse in this One-Year linking haiku project. As such, this verse also links to the first haiku in the series, #747:

wading pool...
underpants double as
swim trunks

Link with 747: Pool / Lake.

Crazy Cuckoo said...

Congratulations Masago! I picked the right day to revisit your blog. Now you can break open the champagne . . .

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good one -- who else is doing this?

John McDonald said...

enjoyed them all

Alok said...

my congratulations to you ... have enjoyed reading you all this while

wishing the best for the book


Bill said...

Well done, Vaughn. I look forward to the book.

polona said...

well done!
and a nice way to round it up.

Masago said...

Richard: Good to see you again, ol' mate! Thanks for dropping by at the right time and for the congrats. Nice to see you have some postings again...I be checking them out. :-)

Andrew: Thanks. Who else is doing a linked haiku sort of project?

John: Thanks, its been a great year. Thanks for being a part of it.

Alok: Thank you for the congrats and all your warm comments.

Bill: Thanks Bill. I still remember when I first started you and I had a little exchange of haiku that started with a bird flying over a car that (then) needed cleaning.... :-)

Polona: Thank you, your comments have been appreciated.

Borut said...

Congratulations, Vaughn, it's been great reading you!:)Thank you!:)

Masago said...

Borut: Thank you, my friend.

Pat Paulk said...

Better get off my arse, I see. Were you Tom or Huck??

Masago said...

Pat: :-) Yes, soon. BTW, I love(d) reading about Tom and Huck.

Pamela said...

sea legs is reality - not just a silly term

Masago said...

Pamela: I know what you mean!