163. Epic

War and peace —
the two covers seem
far apart.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

never read it :)

Borut said...

Quite a feat, to get War and Peace into three lines; again, even that is, literally, too much!:)

floots said...

love this for its comment on the book and for its deeper look at human nature

Crazy Cuckoo said...

Ha. Ha. Very clever.

Pat Paulk said...

WOW!! You have captured the essence of both perfectly!!

polona said...

works on several levels.

Pamela said...

I agree with polona.. double meaning

Masago said...

Andrew: It's a long one. :-)

Borut: Thanks. ;-)

Floots: Thank you, lad!

Crazy Cuckoo: Thanks.

Pat: Thanks!

Polona: Many thanks.

Pamela: Yes. ;-)

Bill said...

Amusing and provocative.

Masago said...

Bill: Thank you.