1109. A Dip

Cutting board —
each slice through garlic
adds a memory.


Masago said...

1109. A Dip

Cutting board -
each slice through garlic
adds a memory.

Link with 1108: Damp wood.

[Some cutting boards have been in use for a long time. My grandmother's, for example, had a definite dip in it from all the cutting that had been done on it through the years.]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have my own board like that, too. I plan to keep it until I'm gone. :) You're right. There is a meaning into them.

John McDonald said...

nice nostalgia vaughn

polona said...

yes... i know what you mean.
(it was one particular wooden spoon in my case)

floots said...

nice one
(glad to see you've been out in the woods in recent posts) :)

Masago said...

Andrew: That is something to hang on to!

John: Thanks.

Polona: Yes, I have one of those too (probably not as old).

Floots: Thanks. I do try and get out once in awhile (also to the lochs -- see Aug 10th's post, it's the last one in this year-long series as well). :-)

Alok said...

nostalgia has a way off never leaving us and whts better than memory which we want to treasure and keep


Masago said...

Alok: I'm with you. Some folks eschew that and prefer to ignore the past. So sad.

Pamela said...

My moms was terribly rough when I was small.. the wood seemed soft.

Now, mine is fancy white hard plastic with it's own little puddle catcher.

Masago said...

Pamela: Puddle catcher? Wow, cool.
I'd heard that the best for killing any bacteria was wooden ones. We recently got one of those fancy bamboo and really like it. I wonder if it has the same anti-bacteria in it: