95. What's Up?

Shallow pond —
a white crane stands
looking skyward.


aurora said...

I like this image a lot.

Might I make a small suggestion?

shallow pond
a white crane
looks skyward

And if not, please ignore....:)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Borut said...

'All fish gone... What to do!? God help me...!'

John McDonald said...

like a lot

polona said...

perhaps he knows something we don't.
love it!

Masago said...

Aurora: Thanks, that reads good (I do like to have the second line longer than the other lines... maybe there's a way).

Andrew: Thanks.

Borut: Yeah (fly to the next pond?) :-)

John: Thanks.

Polona: Perhaps so. Thanks. :-)

Pat Paulk said...

He's trying to fool the fish.

get zapped said...

I love the imagery. Stark and serene...

Masago said...

Pat: Yeah, I've seen that ploy before. :-)

gz: Thanks!

Pamela said...

we've been watching for them to discover our goldfish pond.

Masago said...

Pamela: I some friends who share this "vigil" with you.