54. Hurry

Oh, little slug
you must get moving, go on...
a robin's nearby.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

yes, he needs to move on -- the robin will be hungry, though. :)

Pamela said...

or me with salt

John McDonald said...

yes nice

Bill said...

It's nice to find a poet who's pro-slug. Issa would be on your side. Still there is the robin's point of view: Gotta eat!

polona said...

this immediately reminded me of issa
i guess it depends which side you're on :)

Alok said...

very nice!!


Masago said...

Andrew: Poor Robin (yet, eating a slug...). :-)

Pamela: Poor Slug. :-)

John: Thanks.

Bill: Right, I think I was reading Issa at the time I wrote this. :-)

Polona: Yes, I think I understand of Issa's point-of-view (except when it comes to squirrels... grrrr).

Alok: Thanks.