Renhai Reflections 6: Introduction #6

Renhai Anatomy: Middle Verse

Let's go back to the Renhai posted in this blog last Sunday and work through its creation step by step. A Renhai is started with the writing of the middle verse. Typically, a season is chosen and one partner writes one line of the two-line middle verse. Most often the season chosen is the one that you are in at the time of writing. In this Renhai it was late August so we chose late summer / early autumn for the season.

To kick things off, Zhanna wrote the following line:

blanket of velvet-gray fog

This describes a setting, leaving open numerous possibilities for the second line. After some consideration I decided to contrast the serene feeling with the following line:

a crow pierces the silence

Together these lines present the following haiku image:

Blanket of velvet-gray fog — /zr
a crow pierces the silence. /vs

As in Rengay, the middle verse in Renhai is a two-line haiku with typically two images or concepts in juxtaposition. The next step after writing the middle verse is the consideration of the theme and then the partner who wrote the first line then writes the next 3-line haiku verse.

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Janice Thomson said...

I love those 2 lines. I also like how you work the other haiku off each others line making for more involved teamwork.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


John McDonald said...

yes most interesting

Masago said...

Janice: Thank you. It is indeed fun and fulfilling to write collaboratively.

Andrew: Thank you.

John: Thanks.

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