Renhai Reflections 18: Three-way #2, Hanging in There

Vaughn & Zhanna

The following is the second Renhai in this three-way series. Note that the second line, "crows perch on ice-glazed branches" is the same line that Zhanna wrote for the middle verse of yesterday's "Ice-Glazed Branches" Renhai. These two Renhai therefore share a common line written by Zhanna.

Hanging in There
A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (vs), and Zhanna P. Rader (zr)
Written Dec 26 - Jan 6, 2008

Dark, musty cave —
Big Brown bats hang in their
hibernating stupor. /zr

A chilly breeze fills the air — /vs
crows perch on ice-glazed branches. /zr

Snow-covered meadow —
a deer scratches out
a patch of grass. /vs

Theme: Winter survival
Season: Winter
Link 1 to 2: Hang / Perch; Bats inside / Crows outside
Link 2 to 3: Feet
Link 3 to 1: Light, snow-filled / Dark, hollow


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice, but you made me cold again!

Devika said...

Hanging in there
Chilling the connection
With the previous Renhai.

Do I get a hold of Renhai? You are the one to say... hey, silly me!:-)

But loved the imagery...life here..and its connections

You might like my August 17, Delhi at Certain Kind of Woman...

Thanks! see you again!!

kouji said...

lovely. :) i especially like the images of the bats hanging and the crows perched.

polona said...

this really conveys vivid images of winter scenery

John McDonald said...

yes - evocative

Masago said...

Andrew: sorry 'bout that. :-)

Devika: I think you are getting it. Thanks.

Kouji: Thank you!

Polona: Thanks... winter isn't too long off, eh? :-)

John: Thank you.

Borut said...

Fine winter patchwork!:)

jem said...

In this one I loved the softness amid the frozen harshness. The bats and the grass. The alliteration of 'big brown bats' was perfect. So warming somehow!

Masago said...

Borut & Jem: Thanks mucho!

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