Renhai Reflections 17: Three-way #1, Ice-Glazed Branches

Zhanna & Hortensia

[Note: In the last post I mentioned we'd be looking at the three-way Renhai. However, I mistakenly said that the "Miles Around" Renhai with Hortensia was the first renhai of the three-way. It was in fact the first renhai Hortensia and I had written together. The actual first renhai of the three-way was written by Zhanna and Hortensia.]

A three-way Renhai consists of three inter-related Renhai written by three different writers in which each pair of Renhai share a common line in their middle verses. In other words, each writer writes one middle line that is used in two of the renhai. It is as if the Renhai have a shared DNA and are true siblings even though they have different and distinct themes. Here is the first Renhai in this three-way series:

Ice-Glazed Branches
A Renhai by Hortensia Anderson (ha), and Zhanna P. Rader (zr);
Dec 13 - Jan 3, 2008

Scrape of blades —
by a line of evergreens
the snowplow stops. /ha

Crows perch on ice-glazed branches — /zr
skaters at the pond hold hands. /ha

Frozen river —
an early-bird fisherman
drills a hole. /zr

Theme: Ice
Season: Winter
Link 1 to 2: Blades
Link 2 to 3: Crows / Early bird; Pond / River
Link 3 to 1: Drilling / Plowing

The first verse has a pun in it — the most basic stop in ice skating is called the "snowplow stop".


polona said...

i feel cold just reading this... but i'm looking forward to the other two

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

like polona, I'm cold now! :)

Devika said...

Hi Masago..
I am blogger from India, who love poetry ...imagery..and the messages of life therein..

Been to this blog many a times..but being new to haiku itself, this seemed complex...
now I come again I get a feel...and infact it explains so well...

weaving poetry, through connected themes, minds....loved the idea..

and as Polona and Andrew, I feel 'chilled' with the latest..

will be a regular visitor now on!
thank you :-)

John McDonald said...

most interesting

Masago said...

Thank you everyone. The cold no doubt will be upon us in a few short weeks. :-)

Devika: Thank you so much for visiting and I look forward to your future comments.

Devika said...

Hi Masago!

Thanks for the kind welcome..in no way 'cold' there :-))

will surely do and would love to...

May I invite you to my place too...
A Certain Kind of Woman (2nd blog at my profile) may have something for you..others can't say..But would cherish having you there..

jem said...

I love the way there is movements and stillness in each part. They feel like little windows I am looking through at cold scenes.

Masago said...

Devika & Jem: Thanks.

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