Renhai Reflections 19: Three-way #3, Skaters Hold Hands

Hortensia & Vaughn

This is the third and last Renhai in this three-way series.

Skaters Hold Hands
A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (vs), and Hortensia Anderson (ha)
Written Jan 6-14, 2008

Across blue skies —
ice crystals in cirrus clouds
go flying. /ha

Skaters at the pond hold hands — /ha
a chilly breeze fills the air. /vs

He pours her a cup
of marshmallows and cocoa —
pine wood flames. /vs

Theme: Filling
Season: Winter
Link 1 to 2: Movement (Ice crystals / Skaters & Breeze).
Link 2 to 3: Chilly breeze / Warming flames
Link 3 to 1: Marshmallows / Cirrus clouds

The second line of the middle verse, "A chilly breeze fills the air" is the same line that Vaughn wrote for the middle verse of yesterday's "Hanging in There" Renhai. As with the first two Renhai, these last two Renhai share a common line, this one written by Vaughn.

Note that the other line in the middle verse is the "Skaters at the pond hold hands" from the first Renhai in the series. In summary, here are three common lines:

a chilly breeze fills the air /vs; Shared between:
  • Skaters Hold Hands (Hortensia & Vaughn)
  • Hanging in There (Vaughn & Zhanna)
crows perch on ice-glazed branches /zr; Shared between:
  • Hanging in There (Vaughn & Zhanna)
  • Ice-Glazed Branches (Hortensian & Zhanna)
skaters at the pond hold hands /ha; Shared between:
  • Skaters Hold Hands (Hortensia & Vaughn)
  • Ice-Glazed Branches (Hortensian & Zhanna)
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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

the last part is my favorite. very nice!

Devika said...

I love the last one as
a chilly breeze fills me..

You explain connected themes so well...to get a 'fuller' picture of life there in...

thanks Masago! "Masago-'know'-haiku" :-)

John McDonald said...

love it

kouji said...

lovely. :O

polona said...

some warmth at last, even if from the burning wood :)

loved the series

Borut said...

Intricate tree-way romantics!:)

jem said...

Great to see how these share common lines but all go to different places with them. It really proves the point about the limitless of imagination and observation.

And I really need some of that cocoa now, I feel thoroughly chilled!

Masago said...

Thank you all so much!

Devika: That is so cute. Thanks.

haiku-shelf said...

your poetic collaboration is well done!

kouji said...

@borut: tree way romantics? :D nice. :)

Borut said...

An instance, Vaughn will allow me to say this, when a typo surpasses the original idea, which was: tHree-way romantics!?:)

Masago said...

haiku-shelf: Thanks.

Borut: Brilliant!

Pamela said...

gave me shivers, too? (:

Masago said...

Pamela: :-) Thanks.