Renhai Reflections 34: Tiny Voices

(With Notes)

Tiny Voices
A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (Solo)
Written 2008 Oct 28-29

Dusk deepens —
the first tiny voices echo
across the neighborhood.

Carved autumn gourd —
a candle lit in its head.

Porch light —
a werewolf's face reflects
in the glass door.

Theme: Halloween
Season: Autumn
Process: Reverse
Link 1 to 2: Starting (First / Candle lit).
Link 2 to 3: Head / Face.
Link 3 to 1: Reflect / Echo.


Borut said...

Reflecting on an echo!:)

Janice Thomson said...

I really like the softness of the first verse - along with the tiny voices were some rather loud booms here - and all night long too :)

Devika said...

Hi Masago...

i think i'll have to continue talking my lessons here..

on link 3 to 1 -- i just fail to realise that light and sound could reflect and that echo is the reflection of light...as shadow is the reflection of sound...my god what am i talking..where's Art and Poetry..help this poor soul!!

anyway, the Renhai makes much sense now...i mean to me ;-))

see again

btw, Masago-- you would know that i was going through a trough, rather tough poetry learning session in these days...a part result of those is available at my three blogs...not haiku or renhaior such forms..but you may find some poetry there i feel...because all three were spontaneous flow of emotions, if i could say...the one at Soc-Pol was already flowed by my master...so i just put it there..:-)

i would request you to find some time to read those..sometime in the week and let me have an opinion..if i got some future in any form of poetry....