Renhai Reflections 29: Moving On

Moving On

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (Solo)
Written 2008 Oct 17-21

A bear scrounges / on the steep hillside — shriveled berries.
Vase of dried roses — good times, now passed.
The scent of leaves/ burning in the backyard — oil drum.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

We have an oil drum in our back yard. Not long I'll be ready to burn things! :)

Devika said...

Good moving on ..until its all burnt :-)

and organic life finally fills the earth's oil drum?

We have what we call 'wood rose' here...its not a rose, a creeper with creamy white flowers..and when it dries -- it stays for ever...good times, bad times all..year after year..

somehow, your Renhai always took me through technicalities ...now its like a plain flowing poem :-)

i enjoyed, all


John McDonald said...

delightfully autumnal

jem said...

Good one. I can relate to the dried roses, I'm quite a fan of dead or dying flowers. I think they have a beauty of their own and a big part of that is what came before, which you've captured so well.

No bears where I am, but thanks for letting me see them through your eyes.

polona said...

this one as a wonderful flow and i like the mood

Masago said...

Andrew: We can't do that around here any more. :-)

Devika: Organic life in Earth's oil drum... interesting idea! I love those dried flowers. Thanks!

John: Thank you.

Jem: Thank you!

Polona: Thanks.

Janice Thomson said...

The salmon run is in and so are the bears at the creek now. It's been said they are hungry this year but there's lots of huckleberries, salal berries, even blackberries and Oregon grapes still so they can't be that hungry...great seasonal Renhai

Borut said...

Hoy!? From bad to worse!?:) Almost un-bear-able...!:)