Renhai Reflections 30: Moving On

(With Notes)

Moving On
A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (Solo)
Written 2008 Oct 17-21

A bear scrounges
on the steep hillside —
shriveled berries.

Vase of dried roses —
good times, now passed.

The scent of leaves
burning in the backyard —
oil drum.

Theme: Shriveled
Season: Autumn
Process: Reverse
Link 1 to 2b: Good times passed (v3, bear's summer).
Link 2a to 3: Vase / Drum.
Link 3 to 1: Consumed (Berries / Leaves).

Notes: In the "old days" (circa 1950?) one could burn leaves and/or garbage in one's backyard. There was often a ubiquitous aroma of stuff being burned. Note that this was the first solo Reverse Renhai.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

lots of different thoughts in this one - nice

Pamela said...

Quite familiar --- except for the bear. (Although the neighbor across the valley would qualify in the growly area)

The bottom of the barrel would soon be gone. If ours didn't burn out it rusted out during the winter months.

Bill said...

bagging the leaves
those fragrant autumns
of memory

polona said...

a reverse renhai? even more impresive :)

Devika said...

The method interests me too
i always used to visit here for learning techniques of these poetry types...
thank you for the revised post, Masago...:-)

Masago said...

Thank you all!

Pamela: :-) Is your neighbour a berry-picker? :-)

Bill: Nice.

Devika: Hopefully you will continue to find interesting things. Perhaps you'll soon be interested in writing something with me?

Devika said...

Hi Masago!

sure, i am sure i'll find them here and i'll definitely be making my regular rounds...:-)

writing with you -- it remains a dream. But i'm afraid..i like appreciating these short stirrings, if I may call them so, more than trying to write them myself.

my writings are mostly my experience..and i doubt my encapsulation abilities. truly, Masago...
but thank you so much for this..