Renhai Reflections 94: Spanning Years

Spanning Years

A Renhai by Ron Seward & Vaughn Seward

The boys' feet
in the old copper tub —
log shack. /rs

A twenty-eight Wippet — /rs
the first family car. /vs

Last farmstead —
finding years later
just a calendar. /vs

Click here for notes and linking details:

[Check the notes for some historical details.]


Devika said...

I enjoyed reading the notes here,

Good to know a bit of family history through the Renhai, Vaughn :)


Anonymous said...

Vaughn, I enjoyed your renhai and the footnotes. You and your father have done well.


Dalloway said...

I think theres a haibun in this. The notes were a good read.

RBroeker said...

Without sentimentality, but full of rich images. Very good as far as I can tell.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

Poignant that last verse. Wonderful images from the past. Excellent info/notes.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"just a calendar"- I like that

John McDonald said...

top class one, well done both

Pat Paulk said...

There are all kinds of calendars. The sad news is the pages are always running out.

borut said...

Well done.

Masago said...

Thank you all!