Renhai Reflections 102: Looking Up, Down

Looking Up, Down

A Renhai by Vaughn Seward (Solo)

An alpine hut
near the mountain's summit —
long climb's end.

Old limestone basilica —
moss at the wall's base.

The toddler's hands
reach up toward grampa's
empty lap.

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Bill said...

Reaches the heights.

Devika said...

Nice set, Masago

very familiar images, :)


Gillena Cox said...

like the way old limestone links into grandpa

much love

Emma Dalloway said...

very good

polona said...

excellent work

Janice Thomson said...

I really like the imagery of the middle verse.
Good one Vaughn.

Pamela said...

awww... grampa's empty lap.

John McDonald said...

excellent Vaughn

RBroeker said...

Where we want to go to - that doesn't matter. But we want to go to - that's it. A very vital verse.

Best wishes

Masago said...

Thank you all! Your warm comments are greatly appreciated.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good one

jem said...

I like the perspective in this - the way to adult eyes a mountain summit is a long way up, but to a child so is a distant lap.