Renhai Reflections 104: Stringing Things

Stringing Things

A Renhai by John Daleiden (jd) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

In the Parlor
women stitch quilt blocks —
the twitter of birds. /jd

A piece of string in the beak — /vs
among tree buds, a new nest. /jd

Babbling brook —
for a fishing pole the boys
find a stick. /vs

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[This is another one that was written with John Daleiden (US) a year ago. It is the second in a triad series in which the middle verse is common but the theme and the 1st and 3rd verses are different. When I wrote the "string in the beak" line to start the Renhai, John replied with several lines for me to pick from. I liked them all equally so we decided to form each one into its own Renhai.]


Devika said...

Every piece signifies life and connections also work well, Masago and John :)


John McDonald said...

very good

polona said...

yes, quite different from the first one, and yet... beautifully done

RBroeker said...

There is a engaging rhythmn in the last three lines. And strong o's and i's. I like that very much.

Best wishes

jem said...

This ties together very neatly. So many links. I like the way it made me picture the women stitching a nest.

Masago said...

Thank you all!

Janice Thomson said...

So many delightful scenes to enjoy - wonderful piece John and Vaughn.