Renhai Reflections 106: Footfall


A Renhai by Jerry McKenzie (jm) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

Asking directions —
as I depart, the ladies
resume their chatter. /vs

A lone dog shies away — /jm
a lap entices the cat. /vs

Footsteps in gravel —
the frogpond ribitting
suddenly stops. /vs

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Devika said...

Don't you think Masago ladies and their never ending chatter is fun...I love to watch them...

but I hate it when I do that in public...but sometimes one can't help for the circumstances which call for...

"Footsteps in gravel" -- a striking sound,

Good set, Jerry and Masago
the note was interesting


Devika said...
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Devika said...

Masago, there's a contradiction when I said "I hate it" given that I talk too much in the comments section...

what I hate is 'certain' type of talks.:)

better to make clear :)


RBroeker said...

Yes, "footsteps in gravel" is a great image. Unfortunately I don't know what "ribitting" is.

Best wishes

Janice Thomson said...

Ah, the comings and goings of daily life.
I wish footsteps would hush the tree-frog in the backyard - he goes on and on and on but only in the wee hours of the morning - poor fella hasn't found a mate yet I guess :)
Good imagery Jerry and Vaughn.

Masago said...

Thanks all!

Devika: :-)

RBroeker: Ribitting is the sound made by frogs.

Janice: Sorry about your frog. :-)

Pamela said...

we have a little croaker in our fish pond. If I step out onto the patio, he quits.

I guess he (she?) doesn't know how I come to attend the concert and mean no harm except to enjoy the song.

Bill said...

Very engaging. I might be inclined to say "the frogpond's ribitting," since it's the ribitting, and not the frogpond, that actually stops. (All those years of teaching composition have left their mark.)

Borut said...

I like this one in particular!:)

jem said...

I love the way the first and last work together. As soon as I read about the ladies chatter I thought of water parting to let someone pass. And then we're in the water at the end with those frogs. Great one.

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