Renhai Reflections 108: A Little Pickle

[Here is a children's poem I recently completed with Zhanna.]

A Little Pickle
Zhanna P. Rader (zh.r) & Vaughn Seward (vs)

A little Pickle
Jumped out of its jar,
But, being brickle,
Got not too far. /zh.r

Onto the floor
From table to chair,
Straight out the door
Came a Bartlett Pear. /vs

Meanwhile an Apple
Returned from the chapel,
Hopped up on a stool,
Still fragrant and cool. /zh.r

Then came a Carrot
Of the edible roots
Known for good merit,
To join the fruits: /vs

"Let us, for fun,
Begin to contest
And see just which one
Is the very best." /zh.r

For this competition,
They all came around,
Each full of ambition
To see himself crowned. /vs

"Now, here's my trick,"
The Pickle said,
And he was quick
To stand on his head. /zh.r

There's nothing to that,"
The Apple crowed,
Then tapped on his hat
His name in Morse code. /vs

The Bartlett Pear,
Fresh, shapely and fair,
Was happy to sing
While dancing Swing. /zh.r

The Carrot was next:
With great aplomb,
He put on his specks
And read his palm. /vs

Now, when it had ended -
Their evening of fun,
They felt it was splendid,
And each thought he'd won. /zh.r


Devika said...


A thoroughly enjoyable pickle, Masago and Zhanna :)

And yes, I've made a copy to recite to children..love it when I read it out loud :)

"Apple returning from chapel"...we had a sister named Margarita nick-named 'apple' (for her cheeks) who took us to the chapel! :)


RBroeker said...

Sometimes, when my verse
lurchs from calm to wild,
I curse all this poetry
and try to rhyme like a child.

But at least I must admit,
this motif was stolen, too.
He said: "Paint like a kid!",
his name was Picasso.

Loved your littlepickle, wish I could do that.

Best wishes

Pamela said...

oh I think my 8 year old grandson would love this one as much as I do.

John McDonald said...

just love it

Janice Thomson said...

How utterly delightful!

Masago said...

Thank you all!

jem said...

What fun. I remember I used to love a collection of kids books called The Munch Bunch. Each was a story about a particular fruit or vegetable. You've written a great poetry version here.

susane said...

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