890. On Guard

city hall park...
a bronze Sir Winston watches
skaters go round


Masago said...

city hall park...
a bronze Sir Winston watches
skaters go round

Link with 889: On-looker

[In downtown Edmonton there is a park in front of city hall called Sir Winston Churchill Square. It was dedicated to Britain's famous Second World War Prime Minister. In the winter time a huge circular skating rink was made and folks would skate there all winter long. In the North East corner of the block stood a bronze statue of Sir Winston himself.]

Aurora said...

I like this one. :)

Pamela said...

nice word picture

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like the story behind this one. Makes me feel like I've been there.:)

John McDonald said...

love it

floots said...

the slippery field of human conflict :)

Pat Paulk said...

Good guy to have on guard.

polona said...

this is kind of funny. like it, though.

Gillena Cox said...

Happy New Year; nice contrast in colours and sound

much love

Bill said...

Congratulations, Vaughn, on having your haiku designated Grand Best in the new issue of World Haiku Review



Bill said...

Sorry that link didn't fit in my comment. Do your friends a favor and include it on your home page.

Masago said...

Aurora: Thank you.

Pamela; Thanks.

Andrew: I'm pleased you like this one.

John: Thanks.

Floots: It was quite a conflict, he was quite a leader.

Pat: Yes, he was (/is).

Polona: Thanks. :-)

Gillena: Thank you.

Bill: Thank you muchly my friend. I enjoyed your haiku that were featured in this issue as well. When I get a moment, I'll try and post something on my home page as you suggest. For now, here is another link:


The "Grand Best" announcement is about 2 or 3 screen-fulls down.

Tikkis said...

Ah, the nobelist Winston!

(He is a good writer, have glanced his History of II World War, 6 volumes...)

Also Winston permitted Shackleton to sail down to Antarctic 1914, the I World War was just begun, and Shackleton and many of his crew were also a navy-men? Winston was a First Lord of the Admiralty at that time.


Borut said...

What else would one do in such circumstances!?:)Watching from a historic perspective!

Masago said...

Tikkis: Thank you for those notes of history. I am a big fan of the Shackleton story.