898. The Dream

old tree house...
sounds of laughter echo
in my mind


Masago said...

old tree house...
sounds of laughter echo
in my mind

Link with 897: Built up

[We built the most amazing tree house one year. It was mostly in our minds but we did manage to locate the perfect tree and build a ladder up to where the house was to be constructed. Time and enthusiasm ran out that summer but whenever I drive by the old neighbourhood I remember the fun we had almost building our dream.]

Pamela said...

always wantd one

Richard Kay said...

Love it!

floots said...

sorry vaughn - unexpected offer of work this week and i've been missing out
great stuff as always
particularly liked the sparrow and this one - those echoes haunt me and keep me going

Borut said...

Old, tree, house, laughter, echo, mind - archetypal!:) The liberating dream quality of laughter...:)

Pat Paulk said...

We had one across the street in a vacant lot. Our oldest sister had babysitting duty, and one of us younger sibvlings fell out of it, nothing serious a few scratches and she made us tear it down. Been scarred for life because of that. Good one Vaughn!!

magiceye said...

loved the visuals the haiku evoked! lovely!

gautami tripathy said...

Yes, isn't it amazing that certain things take us back on time?

This I like very much.

polona said...

must have been nice memories... well done!

Masago said...

Pamela: Well, you are welcome to visit this virtual tree house any time. :-)

Richard: Thank you.

Floots: Appreciate your kind comments...glad you got some more work (I think).

Borut: Thank you, I enjoy reading your comments.

Pat: Haha...hope he/she didn't land on his/her head. :-) Thanks.

Magiceye: Thank you very much.

Gautami: Yes, there are many things that do this for me. Thank you.

Polona: Indeed, good memories. Thanks.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Next door to me is a tree that I had a tree house in when I was a kid (I live in the house that I grew up in.) -- before a house was built there. I asked the lady there the other day if I could get into her back yard and look up the tree. Sure enough, parts of the tree house are still there. This haiku is perfect!!

Irene said...

The cheering sound of laughter is enchantingly palpable in your poem. Good work!

I love the new, sleeker look of your blog. =)

Have a happy, haiku-filled 2007!!!

Tikkis said...

We had something like that built in the uppermost part of attic.

Also many good memories!

Masago said...

Andrew: Thank you. I hope you were able to get a piece of wood from that tree house as a souvenir.

Irene: Thank you your kind words and encouragement. Blessings to you and your cute family in 2007!

Tikkis: "Here's to good memories...". Thanks!