900. Headed Somewhere

field of snow —
a straight line of fresh
cat tracks


Masago said...

field of snow -
a straight line of fresh
cat tracks

Link with 899: Vacant

[The day after a recent snow storm I came upon a patch of untouched snow. The cat tracks across it were as straight as an arrow as if the cat were deliberately headed somewhere and not in any hurry.]

Aurora said...

Very nicely captured!

Pamela said...

wild or domestic??

such a different response to each, don't you think.

Tikkis said...

The snow is a storyteller!

Pat Paulk said...

"Headed Somewhere" and up to no good!!

floots said...

cats always seem to know where they're heading
just not where they're going

polona said...

fresh snow
under the office window
cat tracks

(this i wrote a while ago)

love yours!

Masago said...

Aurora: Thank you. P.S. Will you be starting a new blog soon?

Pamela: It was domestic in this case although a couple of years ago a cougar was caught in a tree a few blocks from here. It was very unusual, it must have come up our river valley.

Tikkis: Ah, yes snowe is certainly a story teller.

Pat: You got that right. Are cats ever up to any good?

Floots: Very astute.

Polona: Thanks. I seem to remember that one. It is very nice.

Aurora said...

Vaughn: Our group blog should be up and running within a month or two, but it's got a few surprises. :)

Masago said...

Aurora: Surprises...something to look forward to! ;-)

Borut said...

There's a saying: Nobody who is on a straight path has ever been lost!:)A wise cat!:)

david santos said...

Very nice
Tank you

Masago said...

David: Thank you visiting and for you kind comments.