891. Another World

winter night —
city light reflects off
overhead clouds


Masago said...

winter night -
city light reflects off
overhead clouds

Link with 890: City

[It is amazing sometimes at night in the winter here when it is overcast and the city lights reflect an orangish glow off the clouds. The light shines down on the snow on the ground and it feels like you are in another world.]

Tim S said...

Nice interplay between nature and the urban themes.

Pamela said...

I always know when it is going to snow... because the clouds reflect pink...

I swear by it.

floots said...

beautiful image
thank you

John McDonald said...

nice image

John McDonald said...

nice image

Tikkis said...

Yes. An abundant image... City lights!

Borut said...

So, there it is, another world! I was beggining to have doubts!:) Unfortunately, I can't say that it's very deep, not even deep!?:)High is not the right word, I know!:) Okey, it's beyond the world of dimensions, beyond words!:)
Seriously,I love it!:)

polona said...

nice blend of urban and natural... enjoyed!

congrats on the best haiku in the WHR and all other excellent entries!

Pat Paulk said...

Another fine one!! Congratulations are in order I hear. Just left Bill's blog. Way to go Vaughn!!!

Masago said...

Tim: Thank you.

Pamela: Cool. I wonder if there is a scientific basis for that.

Floots: Thank you.

John: Thanks.

Tikkis: Thank you. Reminds me of some of your recent (semi-recent?) posts.

Borut: It is quite a world. Thanks.

Polona: Thanks mucho! Congrats to you as well...some great haiku there.

Pat: Thanks, and especially for your kind words on Bill's blog.

Tikkis said...

I don't get any like yours in my mind ? If just a few words, one or two of them, are the very same words, the whole text is not the same!?

A contrary, I like many variations in different haikus, they speak the same language but are different?

Masago said...

Tikkus: Are you saying we have written very similar haiku? I think that sometimes happens inadvertently.