913. Bird Feeder

chick flick...
he offers her the last
of the popcorn


Masago said...

chick flick...
he offers her the last
of the popcorn

Link with 912: Picked clean.

[It's a romantic (or at least polite) gesture to offer the last portion. However, the last bit in a bag of popcorn usually consists of dregs and unpopped kernels.]

Bill said...

fortieth anniversary
they decide to see
a date movie

Don't know about the popcorn.

Another good one, Vaughn.

Pamela said...

oh.. I was so sentimental until I read the parenthesis.

You know we called those 'old maids' when I was a kid. ????

floots said...

loved this because of its wordplay and ambiguity
movie critic
bird feeder
all revealed (to me anyway)
in one ku

Borut said...

I'm in a fix. Don't know what to say!:)

Pat Paulk said...

This one may have been better left unexplained, but since you did, what a guy!!

polona said...

excellent one!

Masago said...

Bill: Thanks Bill (nice interpretative ku).

Pamela: Woops, sorry about that. Old maids?

Floots: I loved your "Bird Feeder" so much I changed the title of this post. Thanks!

Pat: Woops again, less said the better in this case, I suppose. Too late though, the chick is out of the coop, so to speak. :-)

Polona: Thanks!