899. Empty Nest

a magpie nest
among bare branches...
grey sky


Masago said...

a magpie nest
among bare branches...
grey sky

Link with 898: Tree house

[In the summer it is possible to see magpie nests but they are much more noticeable in the winter when all the leaves are gone. Seeing their empty nests during this time of year is a reminder of the bleak loneliness of winter. The feeling for me is fleeting as I truly love winter despite the -30C temperatures and the continual dumps of snow we typically have here in Alberta.

Magpie Nest]

Aurora said...

I love the fact that you put "grey sky" at the end, instead of typically at the beginning. This works so well, Vaughn!

Pamela said...

So many times I stop and you post something that is eerily so close to what I have experienced

I saw a magpie nest a couple days ago... it was in the top of a tree but I was on a road above it looking down. First time I've seen down into one. My first thought was to make sure I returned in the spring to look down into a nest and take pictures of the chicks.

Did you know a family or group of magpies can be called a tiding, tribe, charm, gulp, flock, or a murder?

Gillena Cox said...

home alone- -
the twitter of birds nested
in my mango tree

Pat said...

A very bleak picture indeed. Alittle too severe for this old "southerner".

polona said...

a familiar scene for me.
like aurora, i think grey sky works very well at the end

Richard Kay said...

Very nice, Masago.

Tikkis said...

A magpie nest reminds me to rearrange our bookshelves :-)

floots said...

beautiful image
wish i had
the brush
to illustrate this

Masago said...

Aurora: Thank you for the kind feedback.

Pamela: I'm pleased to be the source of this eerieness. :-) I look forward to the picture of the chicks, I have wondered what that would be like. BTW why not also get a "before" picture? Also, I did not know that there were so many names for a group of magpies. I wonder why they are so special?

Gillena: Ah, to have a mango tree. :-)

Pat: Sissy. :-)

Polona: Thank you!

Richard: Thanks.

Tikkis: You never fail to make me want to giggle. :-)

Floots: I'd love to see your attempt. Thanks.