894. First Cut

he tries out
dad's razor...more than
fuzz in the sink


Masago said...

he tries out
dad's razor...more than
fuzz in the sink

Link with 893: Shaving(s)

[My Dad had an electric razor so my first experience shaving as a boy was without peril. However, around the same time, my friend and I found some discarded razer blades in a neighbour's trash. Not knowing what they were we played with them and quickly started wondering why our fingers were turning the colour red.]

Richard K said...

Ah, yes. I can relate to this one, Masago. Imagine living in a monastery and being given a razor and told to go and shave your hair off. No mirrors . . . but you can tell when you've cut yourself . . . there's that nice feeling of warm blood trickling down the sides of your head. :-) Good one!

Aurora said...

So now we know the reason why you wear a beard.....:)

John McDonald said...

like it

Pat Paulk said...

Those old single and double edge blades would get you. Can definitely relate to this one.

Polona said...

aww... that hurt :)

Masago said...

Richard: Ay-ay-ay...not sure if I could go through with that.

Aurora: Hmmm, maybe there is something to that theory. ;-)

John: Thank you.

Pat: Yep, we didn't have a clue what they were...what a mess. Of course, now days if this had happened you'd be concerned with catching some terrible disease. :-(

Polona: Thanks for the sympathy...it did hurt, afterwards. :-)

Tikkis said...

I agree with polona, and richard,too: I have a good friend doing that very often, but he is used to do it without bloodshed :)

Bill said...

I remember smearing toothpaste on my face and picking up my older brother's razor. He caught me before I could do any damage to the razor or to myself.

Masago said...

Tikkis: Thanks.

Bill: Lucky for you your brother was nearby. Toothpaste, eh?