908. Atlantic Bound

frozen river...
water in a narrow crack
gurgles past

[Yippee...it was a year a go that I posted the first haiku to this blog. :-) ]


Masago said...

frozen river...
water in a narrow crack
gurgles past

Link with 907: Crack

[The water of our North Saskatchewan flows under the ice on the river all winter long making its way across the prairies and eventually to the Atlantic ocean via the Hudson's Bay.

This was inspired by Seishi Yamaguchi's:

spring stream -
i walked along then stopped,
it kept flowing]

Richard Kay said...

Very nice, Masago. And Happy Anniversary!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

one whole year! :) This one is a good one -- had you been writing haiku before you started the blog?

Pamela said...

is it appropriate to give you a
haiku five?


journey around the sun
in unryhmed poetry
365 daze

floots said...

love the mood and echoes of this
suits my landscape too
thank you

Pat Paulk said...

Congratulations!!! A damned fine year too!! It's been a pleasure to hang out with you. I have 9 days to go make a year. You can't stop water. Very good!!

Gillena Cox said...


on you one year achievement; keep the moments flowing.

much love

polona said...

what a lovely way to round a year!
congrats on your anniversary!

Masago said...

Thank you all for your congratulations. It has been a pleasure exchanging comments and poems with you all this past 12 months.

Richard: Thank you, mate!

Andrew: Thanks. I started writing 2-3 haiku a day around August, 2005 and started this blog in January, 2006 (although I only started posting daily in February, 2006).

Pamela: Thanks mucho!

Floots: Thanks, we have much in common (and I'm sure much in uncommon). :-)

Pat: Thanks. I've enjoyed hanging with you too...maybe our books will some day see the light of day (can't stop water).

Gillena: Thanks, man!

Polona: Thank you.

Amalendu said...


Borut said...

Yes, we never step into the same river twice! A nice ku. Congratulations! I started my first blog about the same time too:)

Bill said...

Congratulations,Vaughn. You've made the internet a more desirable neighborhood.

Masago said...

Amalendu: Thank you.

Borut: Thank you. I have enjoyed your regular postings.

Bill: Thank you for your kind words.