1007. Through the Mud

laid down for a sidewalk...
new home.


Masago said...

1007. Through the Mud

laid down for a sidewalk...
new home.

Link with 1006: Makeshift.

[Usually when you have a new house built the landscaping is either not done or it is minimal. This is especially true in the back yard. With our first home the builder provided nothing in the backyard. That first Spring all we had was a path through the mud at the back that was made from spare scraps of lumber and broken sidewalk blocks.]

NINANINA said...

I love haiku. Maybe I'll compose one to go with my art work!
I love the tennis ball one.
hey I lived in edmonton for a year, my daughter was born in st. albert in 1986...then we lived in calgary for 9 yrs.!

Bill said...

first home
rhubarb and wild strawberries
in the backyard

That's the way it was for my first wife (now deceased) and me, back in 1964. Thanks for the memory!

Pamela said...

shoes at door?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

You captured this perfectly!

floots said...

good times though
you've taken me back
thank you

Pat Paulk said...

Have walked those planks many a time. Perfect!!

polona said...

nice memories...

Masago said...

NINANINA: Thanks. And yes, please try your hand at haiku, and let us know when you have done so. I hope you have fond memories of Edmonton, we enjoy living here. And you have a reason to come back some time. :-)

Bill: My pleasure! Nice haiku.

Pamela: Yes, how'd you know?

Andrew: Thanks.

Floots: I'm realizing you've got a lot of memories that I'd love to hear about. :-)

Pat: Thanks! Arr, there matey!

Polona: Thanks.

get zapped said...

This reminds me of a house being built as a child. Love the image...I can hear the boards sticking in the mud.

Masago said...

gz: "I can hear the boards sticking in the mud." ...this really adds to the image! Thanks for your comments!