991. A Treasure

Used book —
tucked between pages,
a pressed flower.


Masago said...

Used book -
tucked between pages,
a pressed flower.

989: Need filled.

[I recently bought and old book that had been published in 1901. When I got it home I found that someone had used it for pressing flowers. I'm assuming they were put there not long after 1901. The flowers were now gone as I could see a faint outline on many pages. However, on one page I found a flower that was smaller and had remained "hidden" in the crease over the years. What a find.]

floots said...

the find and the sharing of it
thank you

aurora antonovic said...

One of my favourite places to be - a bookstore.

Got this gem from a photographer friend who has to travel a lot. It's a Hebrew prayer book with the list of names of who it once belonged to in the front. It's like owning a little bit of history.

John McDonald said...

lovely find

Anonymous said...

I like very much the used books. They have personality.

antiquarian book -
the unfinished letter
of an unknown friend

thank you, Vaughn

polona said...

precious find well recorded!

Masago said...

Floots: Thank you.

Aurora: I love bookstores too...and that Siddur you got was a real find! Similarly I bought a Hebrew school book via eBay a few years ago and was thrilled when it arrived. It had originally been in a Jewish school in New York and several of the kids names who had used the book were written in the back of it.

I got another book on eBay called "How the Hebrew Language Grew" by Edward Horowitz. When it arrived I was pleased to find a hand-written message in English and Hebrew signed by Sylvia Horowitz. It was clear from the message that it was a gift from the Author's wife to someone named Lizzie.

John: Thanks.

Dana-Maria: Indeed, at the same time I got this book mentioned in the poem I also picked up a 1940's copy of the Canadian Criminal code. Stuffed between the pages was type-written legal notes and an envelope with an interesting newspaper clipping with some mysterious notes written on it.

Polona: Thank you!

Pamela said...

could you identify the flower?
maybe there was a seed and you could plant it????

Masago said...

Pamela: That is a thought. They look something like bluebells to me but of course they are now more of a brownish/yellow in colour. As for seeds, that is nice idea but I'm afraid they look to have been picked before pollination. :-(