990. Cycle Renewed

A northern shrike
settles into an old nest...
Spring's return.


Masago said...

A northern shrike
settles into an old nest...
Spring's return.

989: Need filled.

[The return of bird life after a hard winter and the finding of a place to nest are things bearing the advance of the coming Spring and Summer and the renewal of another cycle of life.]

aurora antonovic said...

The birds have been especially beautiful this time of year, especially the robins.

floots said...

having just returned after a stressful few days away i really relate to that shrike - and to spring :)

John McDonald said...


Pat Paulk said...

For me here it's the return of the gold finches. Those yellow and black boogers are eating 10 #'s of thistle a week. It's those signs that warm the heart. Love it!!

polona said...

nice sentiment... i was thrilled to see the swallows return last week

Pamela said...

I wish to see the northern shrike.

Masago said...

Aurora: Well, I haven't seen too many besides the ones that were around all winter (sparrows, magpies...). Although I did hear a bird the other day that has a morning song that I hadn't heard since last summer. :-)

Floots: Welcome back...cheers!

John: Thanks.

Pat: Boy, I wish a bird around here would eat our thistles (I have weed 'em). :-) Thanks.

Polona: Thanks.

Pamela: Here are some links: