995. Bittersweet

I lick a stamp
for the letter to her...
all-day drizzle.


Masago said...

I lick a stamp
for the letter to her...
all-day drizzle.

994: Wet paper.

[Although a day of drizzle can seem dreary and dismal, for me it actually generates a comforting, cozy feeling. Writing a letter to a loved one on such a day can be a bittersweet experience.]

aurora said...

There's something about getting a handwritten letter....

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

perfect! this is one that I wish I had written. :)

Pamela said...

I bet you have great penmanship, too

floots said...

on certain wet days i share your feelings exactly
thank you
(and re your comments on the previous post - for me it was miniature bows and arrows the latter made from cocktail sticks pins and thread) :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Vaughn, you have touched a sensitive string... I'm an old fashioned lady :)who prefers the handwritten letters, the vintage style pictures and clothes.

Your L1 is very suggestive...:)I'm joking, of course.I apologise.

I like very much your poem; thank you for sharing.

May I hope you will add the poem to the Eros thread?

John McDonald said...


polona said...

people still write letters??
love it!

haiku-shelf said...

i like this haiku very much!

a good connection between the first line "I lick a stamp" and the drizzle

this "all-day" ("all-day drizzle") `makes` this letter long, very long... -- and i`m sure she will love the letter

best wishes,

Masago said...

Aurora: I know what you mean. I used to send and receive a lot more of the them that I used to.

Andrew: Thanks...I know that feeling.

Pamela: *blush* I have studied how to write with an italic pen. :-)

Floots: Thanks. P.S. How did you make the arrows (I'm assuming the cocktail sticks were for the arrows)?

Dana-maria: Thank you. :-)
As for the Eros series, thanks for the suggestion, I added this to it this morning:


John: Thanks. :-)

Polona: Well, folks don't write as much any more. :-)

Angelika: Thank you for your kind words.

Bill said...

Emotionally rich, Vaughn

Masago said...

Bill: Thanks.