989. The Habit

After school
hunger...Mom says,
"have a banana."


Masago said...

After school
hunger...Mom says,
"have a banana."

988: Fruit.

[Most of the time when we'd come home from school and were asking for a snack it was out of habit. We were often hoping to snag some junk food but Mom's pat answer was always, "have an apple or a banana." Her reasoning was, of course, that she didn't want us to ruin our appetites for supper.]

Anonymous said...

I give exactly the same answer, each time. It is a sort of ritual... :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


aurora antonovic said...

We're related, aren't we? :)

Pamela said...

me, too

floots said...

it's what mums do :)
i remember it so well

John McDonald said...

brought a smile

Gillena Cox said...

Vaughn i enjoyed the verse, i would put it in the genre Senyru, i would have liked to see the word 'hunger' in Line One though, with Line Two being 'Mom say,'; acting as the pivot.

much love

Pat Paulk said...

Good mother, good 'ku!!

polona said...

made me smile :)

Masago said...

Dana-maria: Ah, a true Mom!

Andrew: *smile* Back then it was more of a :-(

Aurora: I'm beginning to think so. ;-)

Pamela: Cousins?

Floots: Yes, they always had our best interests in mind (I think). :-)

John: :-)

Gillena: I'm not sure what you are suggesting...

Pat: That she was... Thanks.

Polona: :-)