985. Indulgence

He squirts a shot
at the cat nearby —
milking time.


Masago said...

He squirts a shot
at the cat nearby -
milking time.

984: Milk.

[The cat so patiently waits and watches. Why not indulge the little critter?]

Pamela said...

I have pictures somewhre of my dad doing that .... back in the 50's
(my new avatar was given to me by my daughter in jest. I thought it was pretty funny, so I'm using it)

ps. I hoped you read this one when you were over at my blog today thinking blog

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


floots said...

like these milk post vaughn
thank you
takes me back to farm days as a kid

Borut said...

Never heard of this before!?:) Haha! Self-indulgence at its best!?:)

John McDonald said...

memories for me too - happy easter

gautami tripathy said...



Pat Paulk said...

Good shot!!

aurora antonovic said...

This brings back memories. :)

polona said...

i can picture the scene :)

Bill said...

Nice moment, Vaughn, even for a city boy like me.

Masago said...

Pamela: I'd love to see that picture of your Dad. Your new avatar is cute! I did read your blog...I am honoured and I am glad to help make someone think. :-)

Andrew: Aye...squirt, squirt. :-)

Floots: My pleasure Floots...I bet you were a terror in that farm yard. :-)

Borut: Not sure about "self" indulgence, but it was fun seeing the cat's reaction. :-)

John: Thanks, Easter greetings to you too!

gautami: Thank you! :-)

Pat: ...I think the cat got more than it bargained for.

Aurora: You were a farm girl too?

Polona: ...and I can imagine the cow saying, "Hey, what's going on back there, cut that out!"

Bill: Thanks, I'm actually a city boy too (with the occasional excursion to the country side).