981. Communication

High chair —
the baby slams a fist
on the bowl.


Masago said...

High chair -
the baby slams a fist
on the bowl.

980: Upturned.

["I said, 'No more carrots!'"]

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Oh, how many times have I seen that!!! And I'm not done!

floots said...

there's a message here for all politicians - as they never seem to grow out of this stage :)

John McDonald said...


Pat Paulk said...

They do have their own special way of communicating. Instant image on this one.

gautami tripathy said...

Now I love that!

I agree with floots comments!

Borut said...

Not being much of a baby-sitter myself, I find this one really funny!:)

Masago said...

Andrew: :-) Good luck!

Floots: You got it!

John: Thanks.

Pat: Indeed (I should know, I was one). :-)

Gautami: Thanks.

Borut: So I'm a clown? ;-)

polona said...

i'll second floots' comment :)

Masago said...

Polona: you got it two. :-)